About me

I’ve been trained in:
Music Production
Sound Synthesis
Mix and Mastering
Music Theory, Composition and Arrangement
Recording Studio and Sound Engineering
On-Set Recording, Audio Post Production and Film Music
Audiovisual Art
Conception, Teamwork and advanced skills in Design, Photography, Film and Animation

I work with:
My beloved iMac and MacBook
Ableton Live 8
AVID ProTools 10
Apple Logic Pro 9
Native Instruments Komplete 6
Cycling ’74 Max/MSP/Jitter
PlugIns from Waves, iZotope, SoundToys, Sugar Bytes, AudioDamage, …

I play the guitar, bass, drums, piano, laptop, kazoo, ukulele and Halo 3.
I love experimenting, analog synths and sound toys.