Phew! I’ve been pretty busy lately!

In early august, I attended the “Cambusters DSLR video workshop tour” in Vienna with my friend Gregor Sams. Very cool workshop, I learned a lot new stuff about filming with DSLRs (in particular my Canon 600D) and everything around that (audio eh?) and had a lot of fun!

All I’ve learned in Vienna came to fruition about a month later, when my friends Pia Huemer, Martin Keindl and I were given the opportunity to film the concert of Amanda Fucking Palmer in – (wait for it) – Vienna.
Filming a live performance with 4 cameras, 1 audio recorder and a crew of 3 – that was hardcore!
But it was totally worth it – Amanda’s performance was epic and the footage and sound we recorded are as sweet as can be!

Right now I am preparing for my internship starting late september and an upcoming interactive installation with my teacher Martin Löcker!

new sound toy.

My newest sound toy, the “T-Resonator”

It “simply” resonates to the tambourine. So basically everything you hear except the tambourine and the kick drum is this little fella. It can also be used for crazy no-input sessions.

I got it today, this is just a first test/improv….i think i’ll have lotsa fun with this one.